• For those patients with medical insurance cover

You will need to inform your Insurance Company that you have been referred to see me, and they will usually issue you with an Authorisation Code. Please bring this and all your policy details with you on the day of your appointment. 

All invoices are sent to your insurance company and are usually settled directly with them without the need for your involvement.

I charge for procedures in outpatients according to accepted coding and fees set by all Private Medical Insurance Companies.

However, it is important to note that there is a lot of variation between individual policies and individual Insurance Companies - it is therefore important to keep your Insurance Company informed at all times of your ongoing care, to ensure it is covered by your policy.

This is particularly the case for OUTPATIENT FOLLOW UP VISITS following your initial new consultation.

Long term follow up is vital to achieve a successful outcome in many nasal and sinus conditions which I treat, but this may not be permitted under the terms of your own policy.

Please note that ultimately your treatment is bound by an agreement between you (the patient) and me, and not between me and your Insurance Company or the Private Hospital. It is therefore you and not your Insurance Company that is responsible for the settlement of any shortfall if your Insurance Company do not cover the total cost of all your treatment.


  •    For uninsured / 'self pay' patients

You will receive an invoice from my secretary following your appointment for my standard new consultation fee of £200.  All subsequent follow up consultations will be charged at £150.

PLEASE NOTE, if you require any diagnostic tests or therapeutic treatments during the course of my examination there will be a procedure fee surcharge on top of this standard fee.

This procedure fee is £75 for all the procedures I carry out personally as below.

- Examples of diagnostic tests I carry out would include an endoscopic examination of your nose and throat under local anaesthetic.

- Examples of therapeutic treatments I carry out would include cautery to your nose for nosebleeds or cleaning of your ears via microsuction under microscopic control.

PLEASE NOTE that should you need any of these extra diagnostic tests or treatments, the Hospitals also charges for the procedure, related to the use of their specialised equipment in outpatients and for their nursing staff support.

The chart below indicates the charges that the HOSPITAL will invoice you for if a procedure is carried out.

You may thus receive TWO bills relating to your outpatient visit if you require any of these tests or treatments during your consultation with me, one from me and one from the Hospital according to which procedure you have had carried out

If you do NOT require any of these additional procedures, you will of course only receive one bill for my standard consultation fee as above. 

Hearing tests are carried out by Hearbase (the independent Audiology Company with whom I work) who will also charge seperately to me - there is, however, no extra fee for hearing tests from me or from the Private Hospital.



Nasal cautery


Endoscopy of nose

/  Throat


Microscopic clearance of ears / dewax of ears 

Audiogram and Tympanogram 

(‘hearing test’) via Hearbase

BMI Chaucer Hospital










One Hospital 

£180 £110 £55 £155



This chart was compiled from information given to me by the individual Hospitals in April 2021.


  • For patients requesting cosmetic nasal surgery (Rhinoplasty) or cosmetic ear surgery (Pinnaplasty)

Patients requesting cosmetic nose or ear surgery (i.e. rhinoplasty or pinnaplasty) are charged a one-off outpatient fee of £250.

This fee is inclusive of all visits to see me before and after surgery, and thus allows you to see me personally as often as you wish before or after your operation without further charge.

It also includes pre-operative review of your photographs with digital image manipulation, to allow you to see the potential results of your surgery prior to the operation should you decide to go ahead.

The only other charge prior to the surgery itself is a £75 fee for specialised digital medical photographs which are carried out in the Medical Photography Department at The Kent and Canterbury Hospital. This fee includes the photos before AND after surgery.


If you wish to know more about the potential cost of your treatment then feel free to ask at the time of your consultation, and I will be able to tell you exactly what charges will be relevant to you.

If you would like to know more about costings in advance of or following your consultation, please contact my PA Amanda Eason on 01227 764697.


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