Balloon Sinuplasty

A large proportion of my patients have long term sinus problems, and often have been treated and had surgery elsewhere but continue to have problems that are a blight on their quality of life.

I aim to optimise the investigation and treatment of all such patients through the specialist capability of the team at The Canterbury Nose Clinic, and part of that is to offer all the latest surgical treatment for these problems.

Current 'minimally invasive' surgery for long term sinus problems is base around the principles of 'Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery'  (or FESS for short) which involves operating up through the nostrils with custom made cameras (endoscopes) and instruments and shavers specifically designed for this purpose. In the vast majority of patients, these techniques are extremely successful and safe (see 'treatments' for further information.)

Recently, a new technique called Balloon Sinuplasty has been described, which is based on the same principles as those used by Cardiologists when they perform angioplasty to stretch diseased arteries in your heart. These links will give you more interesting information - and and the technology has been designed by Acclarent, who have set up for patient information purposes.

This technique is particularly useful for the frontal (forehead) sinuses, which are difficult to access through the nose using more established endoscopic techniques.

A balloon is introduced up into your nose and placed in exactly the right place using an endoscope. A fibreoptic lighted guidewire is then passed up the nose and into the sinus, and the correct position ensured by the fact that the light 'transilluminates' the outline of the sinus on the forehead. A deflated balloon is then passed over the guidewire and the balloon then inflated to stretch the natural drainage passages of the sinus. 

Often there is thick and infected secretions in the effected sinus, and this can then be flushed out with saline using a 'Vortex' irrigation catheter.


To optimise the treatment of your sinus problems and to see which treatment and surgical procedure would be best for you, book an appointment to see me in The Canterbury Nose Clinic. 

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